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A variety of vitamin C skin effect

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The mention of vitamin C in many people's minds will automatically generate the first skin care key is "white", indeed, whether vitamin C itself or through complex chemical conversion of VC derivatives, they have a very strong inhibitory effect against tyrosinase, melanin, help the skin to restore and maintain the appearance of white. But you know, the strong effect of vitamin C is not only on whitening, but there are many other skin problems that can be improved by using it.
In addition to whitening, vitamin C can help you improve these skin problems
Derivative effect 1: desalination of years marks
Add a higher concentration of vitamin C skin care products can not only help fade spots, uniform color, can also fade facial lines, this is because of the high concentration of vitamin C can penetrate the cuticle, penetrate into the skin, directly stimulate muscle bottom collagen tissue, make collagen formation, so that the skin surface becomes smooth plump.
Derivatization 2: meticulous pores
Chemical name is called vitamin C ascorbic acid, is a kind of organic acids, so fruits containing vitamin C have a sweet but mixed with acid taste. It is because of vitamin C also has the characteristics of exfoliation with other acidic skin care ingredients, so use with high concentration of vitamin C skin care products can not only stimulate new collagen, can also promote the aging of skin cells fall off, so that the pores from the inside of the recovery firm sense.
Derivatization 3: improve the color of air
Most of the time, the skin is not bright enough. It is not only caused by melanin deposition, but also because the skin is dark yellow and glossy when it is attacked by free radicals. Vitamin C has strong antioxidant capacity, can neutralize free radicals in large quantities, and effectively improve the skin color caused by oxidation, which is uneven and uneven, and brighten the skin's luster from the bottom of skin.

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