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Again talk about the skin care of vitamin C, component control welfare

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What is VC
Vitamin C (English: Vitamin C, also known as L- ascorbic acid) is an acidic hexose derivative, enol hexactone, Vc is mainly derived from fresh fruits and vegetables, and is a nutrient requirement for higher primates and a few other organisms. Vc has two isomers of L- type and D- type. Only L- type has physiological function, and both archetype and oxidizing type have physiological activity.
VC plays a great role in the human body. It is aimed at collagen, which regulates the amount and activity of collagen in the body, and many organs function well. (here for a hint ah, would have mentioned) and the lack of VC and collagen synthesis in vivo is blocked, many diseases with connective tissue, vascular wall ah ah there are problems, on the performance of the scurvy.

The effect of VC on the skin
To say so much, what's the good of VC for our skin?
VC has strong reducibility.
Because of the strong reducibility, the meaning of the skin is:
1, promoting the synthesis of collagen
In the process of collagen synthesis, the reducibility of VC activates the enzymes needed in the process of collagen synthesis.
Collagen can increase the toughness of the skin, make the skin more easy to adapt to the environment, not easy to wrinkle because of factors such as expression.
The so-called "strong and easy to break", the skin loses toughness embrittlement, appears rigid, easy to hurt, and collagen can avoid this situation.
And visually, collagen can make the skin look full.
Collagen can increase the moisture content of the skin and make the skin white and transparent.
Because collagen mainly depends on the synthesis in vivo (as for more loopholes are not mainstream acceptance "with collagen can trace absorption" the theory, not discussed here), you need to VC content in the skin is enough to ensure the synthesis of collagen in the skin.
2. Melanin formation can be blocked
VC has reducibility, which can block the production of tyrosinase in the above process, and it can affect melanin production in the process of dopa melanin formation, and it can affect melanin condensation and skin coloring process. That is to say, even if the first stage is VC in the back will be a fish escaped through the Seine, stage for.
3, reducing the generated melanin (Mei Bai)
The principle also uses its reducibility. This is the whitening effect that everybody says.
4, neutralizing free radicals (anti aging)
When the skin is stimulated by such reasons as light, such as environmental pollution, and so on, the formation of free radicals can be accelerated.
Free radicals can affect the activity of protein, destroy the cell membrane, make the skin aging and deteriorate, and it will also affect the DNA in the skin cells and even cancer in the serious time.
And the ability of VC to neutralize free radicals is very strong. It is also the anti aging effect that everybody says.
5. The experiment showed that VC could relieve the symptoms of acne.
To sum up, VC can resist aging, increase skin elasticity and gloss, increase skin water content, relieve acne, and whiten, which can generate many words to describe beautiful skin.
So this is the meaning of my systematic knowledge of VC in skin care. I hope you will have a harvest.

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