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You should know the truth about vitamin C skin care products

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The common vitamin C added to the skin care products has returned to your attention in the past year with no small heat. Although the previous vitamin C skin care products also have some effect, but not warm, far less than now. So more and more vitamin C brand of skin care products in high concentration, and there is no longer in derivative form, but "pure VC", of course, since this effect in the fight against skin problems when the product is quite awesome. Before you buy and use, you should know the truth about the high concentration of VC skin care products.

Truth 1: products with high concentration of VC should avoid light and avoid high temperature
Although the stronger role play, but these products in the preservation must pay special attention to, should be put in the dark, dry and cool place, this is because the product in the activity of VC is very high, so it is easily affected by the environment and failure, if improperly stored, before long you will find that the product itself is white a texture or light yellow, orange or brown, which also represents the products in VC to improve the skin is not what use.

Truth 2: a product with a high concentration of VC should be used in conjunction with sunscreen
Many contain high concentrations of VC products are recommended in the evening, this is to prevent the VC affected by the sun during the day if bad, need to use it, the smear must not forget sunscreen, or as a strong antioxidant VC is fluorescent oxidation, lose effect.

Truth 3: products with high concentration of VC do not recommend sensitive skin to use every day
If the skin is very sensitive, it is better to use local products to determine tolerance when using products containing high concentration of VC (more than 8%). If the skin does not tingle and continue to be red, it can be used in the whole face, but it should avoid eye circles. In order to better adapt the skin to the ingredients, it is recommended that it be used every other day, once a week after a week, until the skin does not feel any discomfort, so it can also be used in the morning.

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