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How to make moisturizing C in spring

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Spring is in the season of the skin is like a maiden in love, is always extremely sensitive, maddening. However, the sisters can try to maintain the skin care steps in the following spring. Perhaps the pride of the person is back in one second.
Step1: Facial Cleanser
According to the state of the skin cleansing solution: oily skin T grease secretion, face wash products should focus on demand rich foam when rinsing thoroughly; when there are acne skin irritation, you should use a facial cleanser scrub and mild irritation; sun burning after injury, when cleaning should pay great attention to skin protection the function of balance recovery.
Step2: make-up water wiping
After cleansing, dipped in a proper amount of make-up water with a clean skin cotton, gently wipe every fine part of the face, wipe off the secretions, and let the skin restore the original gloss.
Step3: vitamin C Moisturizing
A large amount of vitamin C can also serve as a moisturizer. Vitamin C can effectively prevent skin aging, strong acid resistance, and also has an oily skin close to the ingredients, and has whitening effect.
Step4: special pore care
When the pores become obvious, you must do the cleaning. Immediately after cleansing, use lotion massage. At the same time as a circle massage, the dead body is thoroughly cleaned out of the pores. In addition, take appropriate medicine makeup with cleansing cotton dipped in water to clean the face, gently squeeze nose pores by sebum, can play a very good astringent, firming effect. If after the pore care again use vitamin C soak, the skin care effect is more up.

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