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What are the main ingredients in the cosmetics?

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The common ingredients are moisturizer, preservative, pH regulator, viscosity regulator, anti-inflammatory ingredients, extract, essence and so on.
1. Moisturizer:
Multiple alcohols, common are: 1, glycerin; cheap, almost all skin care products are added, add too much will have a sticky feeling. 2, propanediol. 3 butylene glycol (1, 3- diol), the price is more expensive, and propylene glycol is not sticky, permeability is strong, and the volume is not suitable for adding too much, because it may make the skin permeability strengthen, bring the external stimuli into the skin, cause skin irritation. Polymers: hyaluronic acid (NA) is generally added to 0.1%-0.5%, in a word, less than 1%. Other classes: amino acids, collagen, PCA- sodium.
2. Common preservatives:
Methylparaben imidazolidinyl urea > > > phenoxyethanol methylisothiazolinone (MIT) > iodine propargyl alcohol Ding Jian carbamate > nipasol >DMDM hydantoin > methylchloroisothiazolinone >2- bromine -2- nitro propane -1, 3- glycol imidazolidinyl urea > > > > ethyl sorbate k > > benzyl alcohol benzoic acid sodium. (Nipagin ester, methyl parahydroxybenzoate is often said that the amount is a lot of antiseptic)
3, the common paste viscosity regulator is as follows:
Carbomer > xanthan gum > > hydroxyethyl cellulose acrylic acid (ester) /C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosslinked polymer.
This kind belongs to the polymer composition, also is in the use of skin care products feel some of the important reason for mud rubbing.
4, the use frequency of plant extracts from high to low:
Aloe vera leaf extract > seaweed extract > green tea extract > ginseng extract > licorice root extract > cucumber extract > cactus flower extract > oat extract > angelica extract.
5. The commonly used soothing ingredients are:
Allantoin > Red myrrh > Glycyrrhiza extract > asiatica extract > Pan alcohol (vitamin B5).
6, the common components of pH include triethanolamine, citric acid > potassium hydroxide > lactic acid > sodium hydroxide > sodium citrate > sodium lactate > amino acids (such as arginine, glutamic acid, etc.).
Potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and so on, though strong alkaline, but as a mask component, its added amount is small, and it has been neutralized into salt and water in the mask products. Don't worry about damaging the skin
7, other ingredients: including the commonly used flavor, and stabilizers: EDTA- two sodium, all kinds of antioxidants, functional ingredients such as whitening ingredients, anti - old ingredients.

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