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Anhui Tianyin as a New Exhibitor to attend the 2017 Guangzhou PCHi Exhibition

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In February 23rd 2017, the three-day China International Cosmetics personal and Family Care products Exhibition ended in Guangzhou. Anhui Tianyin Biotech Co.,Ltd. as a new exhibitor in the 5B30 booth warmly received domestic and foreign customers. 

The company in the display of marketable products at the same time, and the various parties in the industry to communicate and exchange, expanding the visibility of the brand Tianyin.

As a domestic and foreign raw material suppliers and cosmetics, personal care and home care products manufacturers to communicate with the professional platform. PCHi brings together formulators, manufacturers, R & D technicians and senior managers from around the world.

Anhui Tianyin Biotech Co.,Ltd. as a manufacturer of the first time to participate in the PCHi exhibition, the company attaches great importance to. Anhui Tianyin exhibited four self-produced whitening star products, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Alpha arbutin,Ascorbyl Glucoside (AA2G). 
Through this exhibition, Anhui Tianyin and customers launched a "point-to-point" exchange, aimed to meet customer needs, expand the company's market, enhance the company's brand awareness. 

As a growing enterprise, Anhui Tianyin will learn from the industry and strive to provide more stable and safe vitamin C products for domestic and foreign users.

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